2,600,000TPA Hot continuous rolling Product Line Strip Coil project Engineering

2,600,000TPA Sheet Coil

Coil Thickness 0.8-12.7mm

Width: 950-1700mm

Hot Rolling Stainless Steel Sheet Coil.

1,000,000TP A Double High Speed Wire rod project Engineering

Raw Material 150X150X12000mm Steel Billets, 1,000,000TPA Ф5.5~16mm Wire Rod and Ф6~16mm Reinforced Round Bar

Steel Grade: Carbon Constructional Steel, Quality Carbon Constructional Steel, Cold Forging Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Spring Steel, Welding Rod Steel

300,000TPA Induction Furnace Steel Making project Engineering

20Tx1 set Induction Furnace system, 25TX2 sets Induction Furnace system to Melt Steel Scrap

3 strands R6m CCM 

Produce120X120X6000mm – 130X130X6000mm Steel Billets

600,000TP A Full Color Coating and Galvanized Strip Coil project Engineering

600,000TPA Color Coating and Galvanized Strip Coil

Coil Thickness 0.5-2.2mm, Width:1000-1450mm .

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