Color coating lines

Color Coating Line 

The color coated plate usually refers to the cold-rolled or galvanized steel plate that is firstly surface treated (degreased, phosphated or passivated), then coated (or roller painting) a layer of dye and dried up, which can be processed directly by users. Because of its high strength, high corrosion resistance, easy machining performance and rich color options, etc, it is wildly used in construction, transportation, light industry, home appliance, automobile and other industries, especially with high demand for factory plant,activity room, and doors and windows in construction industry.

Main Process Flow:

Manual feeding — uncoilerⅠ&Ⅱ —2-roller pinching machineⅠ —2-roller pinching machine Ⅱ—aligning shear — riveter (seam welder suggested) —flatness rolling mill —tensioning  machineⅠ—steel strip storage unitⅠ— tensioning  machine Ⅱ—pre-degreasing —rolling brush — degreasing — water washingⅠ — water washing Ⅱ — purified water washing — hot air blowing deviceⅠ —chemical dyer rolling — hot air drying furnace — tensioning  machine Ⅲ—bending (180degrees)— centering mechanismⅠ—1st coat roller coating machine —1st coat curing oven — air blowing deviceⅠ — 1st coat forced cooling chamber — hot air blowing device Ⅱ — centering mechanismⅡ — 2nd coat roller coating machine — 2nd coat curing oven — air blowing device Ⅱ —2nd coat forced cooling chamber — hot air blowing device Ⅲ — tensioning  machine Ⅳ — centering mechanism Ⅲ (bending 180degrees) — centering mechanism Ⅳ —pattern printerⅠ— pattern printerⅡ — pattern printer Ⅲ— 3rd coat roller coating machine — 3rd coat curing oven — filming —air blowing device Ⅲ — 3rd coat forced cooling chamber —centering mechanism Ⅴ — hot air blowing device Ⅳ — tensioning  machineⅤ —steel strip storage unit Ⅱ — film laminating machine —tensioning  machine Ⅵ — shear —2-roller pinching machine Ⅲ —servo recoiler unit — manual coiler unloading  

Main Technical parameter:

1. Raw Material: common plate or galvanized plate;

2.Coiler Weight: 3,500-15,000Kg/coiler

3. Sheet Width: 600-1500mm.

4. Sheet thickness 0.15~2.5mm

5. Coiler OD: φ800~2000mm

6.Coiler ID:φ508、φ610mm

7. Line Speed : 25~150 m/min

8. Coat thickness:

upper side coat thickness 5~25μm

Down side coat thickness 5~15μm

9. Production capacity: 50,000TPA~200,000TPA

10. Energy type: electricity, natural gas, LPG, coal gas, steam, compressed air and etc.

Equipment Features:

1. Advanced continuous coating process, both two sides coating and baking, with mature and reliable techniques, widely used in metal structure plant, municipal public services and high-end civil construction buildings.  

2. In pretreatment, use continuous cycling alkali spray, brushing, multiple stages cycling water spray and fresh water spray, to enhance cleaning effect on strip surface, ensure coating quality, and enhances the adhesion of coating paint to the strip surface.

3. Using advanced environmental friendly chemical process liquid and high precision chemical coating machine to get uniform film coating, and ensure the quality and performance of the coat. This process has the characteristics of high usage ratio, no pollution, high adhesion and etc.

4. The roller coating machine is equipped with pressure sensor to display and control the coat uniformity, and the using of vector motor variable frequency speed adjustment for forward or backward coating can control the thickness of the coat layer into 1μm, to meet the requirement of different products.

5. The coating curing oven adopts the multi-layer labyrinth board structure with good insulation effect. It has many functions such as hot air circulation device, air flow organization and management, waste gas collection and cracking treatment, automatic temperature control and so on. It is equipped with VOC incineration and perfect and fine waste heat recovery and utilization equipment, to achieve national environmental emission standards, and real energy-saving efficiency. The organic waste gas cracking and heat use technology is of leading domestic level, which has achieved a number of patents and professional honors.

6. The control system adopts vector motor frequency control, field bus and fiber communication, real-time parameter monitoring technology and other computer control system, good man-machine interface, and safe and reliable equipment operation .

7.The introduction of ideas of intelligent production and power management, equipped with variable frequency blower and other precise energy-saving production control technologies and equipment.