continuous casting machine

Continue Casting Machine (CCM)

Rigid dummy bar arc CCM/flexible dummy bar arc CCM

CCM for Square billet and rectangular billet

CCM for round billet

CCM for slab

Arc radius(m )

R4.5-R16.5(continuous strengthening)

R6-R16.5(continuous strengthening)

  Continuous casting billet section (mm)






Suitable steel grade

Carbon structure steel, low alloy structure steel, high quality carbon structure steel, welding steel, stainless steel, spring steel, gear steel, bearing steel etc.

Alloy structure steel, high quality carbon structure steel, steel pipe billet, stainless steel, spring steel, gear steel, bearing steel etc.

Carbon structure steel, low alloy structure steel, high quality carbon structure steel, pressure vessel steel, boiler steel, ship-plate steel, building structure steel etc.

Casting speed of CCM


0.2-3.6 m/min

Cut length for continuous casting billet(m)

3-16 m


Operation rate for CCM




Technical features of CCM:

Ladle supporting: turret/ladle car.

Tundish car: half-suspending type/suspending type.

Mould: integrated copper pipe/parabolic taper.

Control of strand: cesium-source liquid level automatic control.

Vibration mode: whole leaf-spring/half leaf-spring/sine/non-sine.

Secondary cooling way: automatic cooling water distribution in aerosol/whole cooling water distribution.

Straightening mode: 5-roll continuous strengthening in full arc/AC variable frequency speed regulation.

Dummy bar type: self-adaptive rigid dummy bar.

Cutting mode: automatic narrow-seam high efficient flame cutting machine/hydraulic shear.

Steel shifting mode: mechanical overhead structure.

Control mode: all PLC control/quick shifting between manual mode and automation mode.

Features of Slab CCM:

1. Ladle turret: hydraulic link lifting, with weighing device. Carrying capacity: 240t+240t (two sides).

2. Tundish: 35t, automatic stopper rod mechanism (interlocking with liquid level detector of mold).

3. Half-suspending and double-hydraulic cylinder lifting tundish car.

4. Hydraulic width-adjusting mold.

5. Mold vibration device: hydraulic drive, can adjust the stroke and frequency online and select sine or non-sine vibrating wave.

6. Closely arranged small-diameter roller in continuous bending section.

7. Segment section: continuous reduce roller gap, with split roller and continuous straightening.

8. Dummy bar: chain structure, hook dummy bar head, can mount with roll gap measuring instrument.

9. Dummy stripping device: single hydraulic cylinder top.

10. Dummy bar storage device: skew bridge trolley side storage, composed of dummy bar trolley, trolley transmission device and dummy bar centering device.

11. Flame cutting machine: casting billet cutting and sample cutting.

12. Conveying roller table system: individual transmission, all plain roll, lower cutting roller table of overall translation.

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