Acid pickling lines

Acid Pickling line:

The pickling production line is a very important process in the cold-rolled strip production process. The purpose is to remove the iron oxide from the strip surface, adjust the roll weight, cut the crack edge, provide the qualified raw material for the rolling; according to process, pickling is divided into push-pull pickling and continuous pickling.

Push-pull pickling production line is a semi-continuous production line, with simple equipment, suitable for strip varieties, low production consumption, less equipment operation fault, and so on. Pickling production line The acid washing production line is suitable for an annual output of 10-60 tons.

Push-pull Pickling line Process Flow : uncoiler→9-roll straightening machine→tail cutting machine→riveting machine→entry loop→pre-cleaning section pickling tank→washing tank→hot air drying machine→exit loop→centering machine→disc shear(with edge rolling machine)→tensioning machine →shear→oiler→coiler.

Continuous Pickling line is a production line that strip is pushed and pulled continuously through acid tank and cleaning tank. It has  high efficiency, high yield and low electric consumption. The annual capacity of the picking production line is 600,000-2,000,000 tons.

Continuous Pickling Line Process Flow: coil prepare station→coil car→uncoiler→pinch straightening machine→cutting shear→welder→1# tensioning roll→entry loop→front tensioning machine→descaler→back tensioning machine→picking→ice water washing→hot water washing bucket drying→2# tensioning roll→outlet loop→3# tensioning roll→control roll→ washing shear disc edge cutting→feeder→4# tensioning roll →oiling machine→pinching machine→coiler→coil discharge car

Technical Parameters:

1、Basic Strips:HR Common Carbon Steel, Excellent Carbon Structural Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.

2、Raw Material Coil Weight:Max. 25MT

2、Strip Width:400~1350 mm

3、Strip Thickness:1.5~5.0mm

4、Coil OD:φ900~2000mm

5、Process Speed:80~160m/min

6、Process mode:Push Pull type and Continuous type

7、Medium:HCL, HS2O4, HF,Mixed Acid(Non-Ferrous, SS, Titanium and Ni Strips)

8、Energy: Electricity, NG, LPG, Steam, Compressed Air.

Equipment Features:

1. Adopting the shallow trough turbulent pickling technology, the pickling time is short, the production efficiency is high, and the cleaning quality is stable.

2. The uncoiling section is equipped with an anti bending roll, which can help break the scale and improve the cleaning effect.

3. The pickling entrance is equipped with a rewind cleaning device to reduce the corrosion of the acid on the inlet.

4. The Cover of Tanks has water sealing system, with acid suction system.  Between the tank cover and the tank, adopt water seal way, and configure the appropriate size of mist absorbing device, reduce the amount of overflow of acid mist, and reduce acid corrosion to equipment and plant.

5. Acid circulation system, with temperature detection, heating automatic control system, tank level automatic detection and acid adding system. The acid in tank can be set to automatic or manual venting.

6. Disc shear adopts cantilevered structure, the adjustment of lateral clearance and the overlap amount uses electric control mode. The operation and width adjustment is simple, and the maintenance is easy.

7. The scrap could be recoiled with horizontal or vertical slitter edge shear according the client’s request. . According to customer requirements, waste edge cut can select horizontal, vertical waste rolls or waste edge shear.

8. The control system adopts vector frequency conversion speed regulation, CPC and EPC correction, field bus technology and other control systems. The man-machine interface is good and the equipment is stable and reliable.