Section mill lines

Section steel rolling production line:

Section steel products mainly include: H-beam, U-beam, I-beam, flats, square bars, round bars, and etc.

Section steel is widely applied for carbon steel, steel for bridge construction, steel for mining, low alloy steel, and etc.

Generally, the annual capacity of section steel rolling production line is from 50,000 tons to 1,000,000 tons.

The raw materials for section steel rolling production line are continuous casting square billets, rectangle billets, or beam blanks.

Process flow diagram of section steel rolling:

Continuous casting billets → Billet cleaning → Weighing → Charging rack → Charging roller table → Charging into furnace → Heating → Discharging → High pressure descaling (with water) → Breakdown mill for reversible rolling → Hot saw cutting two ends → Universal mill for reversible rolling → Hot saw cutting two ends and shears dividing →Cooing bed →Straightening → Grouping → Cold saw cutting into length → Inspection rack → Stacking machine → Bundling machine → Weighing → Marking (Labeling) → Warehouse

UR universal rolling mill is one of the key equipment of steel production line, its role is to form reversible finishing unit together with rolling machine E and UF rolling mill , to roll intermediate slab rolled from the BD rolling mill into finished H-beam. UR universal mill equipment has reasonable structure design and advanced control, it is one of the most advanced H-beam rolling mill equipment in the world.

UR mill is mainly composed of rolling stands, horizontal rolls, vertical rolls, Coupling support, screw-up and screw-down device, stand fixation device, balancing device of upper horizontal roll, balancing device of vertical roll, shaft end fixation and driven devices, and etc.

Section steel product size (light section mill, medium section mill, heavy section mill):


Wide flange H-beam: H125×125×6.5×9, H150×150×7×10,H175×175×7.5×11,  

Intermediate flange H-beam: H200×204×12×12, H148×100×12×12, H194×150×6×9, H244×175×7×11,H294×200×8×12,  

Narrow flange H-beam: H198×99×4.5×7, H200×100×5.5×8, H248×124×5×8,  H250×125×6×9, H298×149×5.5×8, H300×150×6.6×9,H346×174×6×9,   H350×175×7×11, H400×200×8×13

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