Wire rod line

Production steel grade: carbon steel, high grade carbon steel, steel for weld electrodes, spring steel, alloy steel

Products spec.: φ5.0~φ25 mm

Design speed: 35m/s-120 m/s

Type of block mill: Morgan VI rolling mill

Annual production: 100,000 ton ~ 1,000,000TPA

Characteristics of wire rod mill:

1. The block mill group adopts the top 45° crossing arrangement, which reduces the height of the long axis, not only increases the stability of the unit, but also reduces the equipment weight. The operation and maintenance are also more convenient.

2. Adjacent racks are arranged at 90° to achieve non-twisting.

3. Roll box and panel of wire rod mill adopt integral structure, with cantilever roller rings. Eccentric bushings are mounted in the roller box to adjust roller gap. Oil-film bearing and roll shaft are installed inside eccentric bushings. For roller at the cantilever, cone type sleeve is used for fixing the roll ring at the end of the roller.

4. The bevel gear box consists of box body, drive shaft, spiral bevel gear pair, and synchronous gear pair. All gears are of hard tooth surface grinding gear, spiral bevel gear accuracy of grade 6, cylindrical helical gear accuracy of grade 5, fully meeting the need for high speed and smooth operation of the roll shaft;

5. The roll box and the bevel gear box are connected directly by bolt. When assembling, the roll box body extends into the bevel gear box, so that the roller shaft gears are respectively engaged with two synchronous gears in the bevel gear box. The roll box and bevel gear box are positioned by two locating pins, and roll box of the same specifications can be interchangeable.

6. The roll shaft at the roll side oil film bearing is designed to be tapered so that a uniform load distribution can be obtained on the oil film bearing when the roll shaft is bent in a highly loaded frame, thereby increasing the roll shaft service life.

7. The axial force of the roll shaft is supported by a pair of thrust ball bearings which are mounted on an elastic spacer without axial clearance. Since the axial clearance of the ball bearing itself is extremely small, the roll shaft can be accurately positioned in the axial direction, which precisely ensures the rolling accuracy of the roll, that is, to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the rolling piece.

8. The adjustment of the gap is to rotate a screw with left and right thread and nut, so that the two groups of eccentric sleeve rotate relatively. The spacing between the two rolls varies with the eccentricity of the eccentric sleeve relative symmetrically to the rolling line to change roll gap, and keep original rolling line and same guide location.  

9. Roller ring of finishing mill is made of tungsten carbide (hard alloy). It is connected with cantilever roller shaft by tapper sleeve. By using special hydraulic tools, rollers are replaced easily and conveniently. 

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